Heartbreaking Kids :: Day 271

Counting the days...

Kate brought these shoes down from her room yesterday and insisted on wearing them. She hasn't grown into them yet, so she can easily slip them on herself - note: they're on the wrong feet ;). This is now day two.

She has been fascinated with bikes for the past couple days too. She calls them all 'dirtbikes' and wants to ride them, no matter how big they are.

She's becoming interested in watching things that appeal to her on tv.

Bear is happy and comfy on his new pillow, especially since it's in front of the heater.

Kate and I sat down for a late breakfast. I stepped away from her, looked at her, and caught her doing this. I'm pretty sure she got this from Alyx.

Kate is becoming quite a little decision maker. It started while her dad was home, with deciding what shoes and jacket to wear - even if it meant snow boots for a trip to Grandma's. She packed her backpack with her crayons, grabbed her blanket and out the door we went.

As we walked out to the car, she took off in the other direction. Normally a little persuasion will get her to turn around laughing (which worked after picking bubba up from school and coming home). Except this time, she kept walking away saying, "daddy big truck. daddy big truck." She was nearly to the corner when I ran after her and she kept repeating the same thing over. She was looking for her daddy's truck, she didn't want to ride in mommy's.

I haven't heard from Jeremy since he was leaving Dubai, so it's only been a full day, but I miss him terribly and it feels like forever! Hehee. 

I love you baby. Keep safe!