Happy :: Day 263

Happy days.

These past few weeks have been a continuum of happiness, love, and seriously pure joy. I don't feel like it gets any better. It always does - better and worse - but right now, this is our better. I love having Jeremy home. I love being complete. I love not being stressed out from playing both parenting roles. I love that he drives me crazy. I love that he so easily wastes our days. I love being in love with him. I love holding his hand and kissing his face. I love making love and I love making decisions together. I love adventures, and his support and encouragement. I love his honesty, even if I don't want to hear it. I love that he does what he knows will make me truly happy without question, without falter. I love him. I'm thankful he came home to me and I while I dread him leaving again, I love knowing that he'll come home to me again. I'll rest in that and hopefully find peace during our last few months apart.

Our engagement pictures are posted online! YAY!
Click here (scroll down to see the photos we're tagged in from Christy).