Engagement :: Day 261

After a four year engagement, we have not only set the date and begun wedding planning, but we took our engagement pictures today :). We haven't really had any professional photos of us taken before (crazy, I know!), and my babe let me hire my most favorite photographer for our wedding! So after much anticipation, we brought out our best us in a true Northwest fashion! I'll share them here when we get them. SO EXCITED!

I absolutely LOVE that we've settled into being together again so comfortably. We've spent this last week playing hard, and it's been so amazing. I have a ton of great photos to share as well, and I'll share that in a blog soon too. For now, we're enjoying all the time together that we can!

Alyx and Kate love having daddy home too! Kate took a little bit to adjust, but for being the shy girl she is, it didn't take long. These kids love their dad!

Some of these pictures didn't turn out well since they were moving so much, but they're precious and I love them! Below, Jeremy opened a Valentine card my grandma sent the kids and it plays "We Want Candy." Kate will dance any opportunity she can, and this was no exception... that is, of course, until she saw mom's phone and went straight to Angry Birds. Oh, these kids!!

Spoiled by dad once again ♥.

And a few precious moments before bed time... 
Happy President's Day!