Delayed :: Day 247

After waking up at 3 am full of anxiousness and excitement to meet my love at the airport, I received a call at 6 am letting me know that he was still in Amsterdam and was delayed 8 1/2 hours. My heart sunk and I was left feeling somewhat angry the rest of the day. I felt guilty because he's still coming home, but I had to proceed with the day as we normally would. We had planned out the entire day together, I felt like I simply could not go on. 

We did. And here we are, one hour before his arrival knocking out today's last blog without Jeremy home. Yay! Honestly, I'm killing some time so I don't show up an hour early. We all got dressed and ready to go, having waited as long as we could. I kind of feel like it's not real, like he won't really be there, I must be wrong. I know I'm being silly. I know all of these crazy feelings will go away in a few hours.

I love all of you who have supported me along the way. This deployment isn't over yet, but the longest and hardest part is. My wonderful friends who have text me and left me facebook messages expressing their love and excitement for us - You are amazing! We love you so much! 

So stay tuned for our family of four to be featured here very soon! Until then...