Thoughts :: Day 240

Today was one of those days where I came across a lot of people. I woke up way too early with Kate, and had to get a lot done that morning. Once Kate was off with Grandma while she was with Chris and Janie house hunting, Alyx and I made a mad dash to pick up his prescription before school. It felt good to be running around and having purpose during a time I normally would not. Crazy right?! 

Throughout the day I was either in a big hurry, or had time to spare. Once Alyx and I left the pharmacy, I drove through downtown and headed for the highway to hopefully get him to school on time (I did). Along this unique route, I noticed all sorts of people I wouldn't have otherwise seen. It was a day where curiosity was my first name. When people ask me what I do and I mention that I'm a professional photographer, I wonder what they think. I wonder because when I meet other talented people, it's amazing to see the exterior of someone who has so much greatness stored inside. So as I go about my day, I wonder what sort of people I'm coming across. What's their story? What are they good at? I have a million questions race through my mind. If I had any one super power, it would be to just know things. All sorts of things. It's probably the most useless super power you could think of, but maybe not. I'd be satisfied.

Along with having an unusual morning route, my day was a bit different as well. Kate left the house before we did today, so I had quite a bit of down time during my appointments today. After teaching in Alyx's class in the morning, I had a dermatologist appointment to get to. From there, I did little things I had put off, and then enjoyed longer drives through areas I love while sipping chai tea, having breakfast, then lunch... all before picking the kids up after school! Days like this don't come around often for me, and I soaked up every moment of peace I could.

Once I made my way to Mama Koch's house, we sat and talked for nearly an hour. I've come to really love talking to her. She told me all about their day of house hunting and the history of her and Jerry purchasing their home (for $72,000 25 years ago, plus the $4,000 for a new roof, so when people asked how much it cost, Jerry corrected her it was $76,000, not 72). She gets the biggest smiles and laughs when talking about Kate doing her usual cute little things. Lunch time.. spitting out food when her bite was too big and figuring out to cut her jello into smaller pieces so she'd eat it. Everyone loved her eyes, she said. At one point, we were talking about her old versus new computer, and she needs my help installing a program. She then asked me how my mom's was (her friend repaired it awhile back). I had to lightly go into that situation. Initially, she said, "Well, yeah, but she's your mom." I know, I know.. but my family is a unique case. After further explanation, she seemed to understand. 

I had all sorts of cute photos to share today, but upon taking out my memory card to upload images to my computer, they disappeared. I have no idea what happened *sad face*. This morning, I brought Kate's car seat inside before putting it in Janie's car, and Kate thought it was hilarious and sat in it. Alyx was so cute in his intensity while doing his homework at the kitchen table while I made dinner. I'm sad to not have those photos already. Nothing ruins my day more than that. Afterward, I did take a few of the dog to test it's integrity again, seemed fine. What the heck?! So, I took a picture of my own face. After the dermatologist appointment, I stopped at their makeup counter because I needed some new foundation, so the woman there applied it all. I wore mascara for the first time today. I informed her of my ignorance to makeup and I don't like looking all crazy. The other woman working there had so much make up on, I thought, where's your skin? I'm quite indifferent about not being recognizable, but as long as she's happy, that's all that matters.

Oh! We did stop at Target on the way home, and found ourselves in the holiday aisle. Oops. Yay Valentine's day... I love the mushiness. These sugary little goodnesses are my favorite part about this holiday. I can't get enough... Stay away!

My bangs were kind to me today. Then it rained. My very subtle makeup (albeit the end of the day). I'm so blessed for Jeremy's health insurance so I can see the specialist to get my skin cleared up (you can't really tell in the pictures here, thank goodness). Major confidence boost! I was motivated to finally go because I don't want to continue looking like a 16 year old with bad acne, or fear what I wear, especially on our wedding day.

Some more random thoughts I had -
  • Being a grown up, isn't so bad. After last week of feeling pretty depressed, it faded as it usually does, and I realized I need to keep myself going. Even if photography turns out to be a huge success for me (I hope so), I still want to do more. Back to school I go. No quitting this time.
  • Being responsible. I didn't grow up with the best role models. Little responsibility. I've come to notice my flaws more and more as I get older, and I aim to fix them as I can. Taking care of my responsibilities, no matter how much I want to argue about it, needs to be priority. Ugh.
  • Staying healthy. At the makeup counter, I pointed out the fine lines that have found their way around my eyes and mouth. I'm only 25, what?! The aesthetician said, "botox is the only way to fix that." Did she really just say to me?! I about fainted. No. No. Nooooo. What's the point in a temporary fix? No. She did say though, that even though I was prescribed all kinds of junk to help clear my skin, learning to take good care of it is key. Ideally, learning enough will help so I don't have to take this medication forever.
  • Do the things you'll say you'll do. Jeremy and I have a cork board I designed for 'Our Places.' It's a long story, but the short version is that we LOVE adventures. We love seeing new things, people, food... whatever... This year, I want to do those things with him. All the things locally we've mentioned over the years. 
  • Where you invest your love, you invest your life. Think about it. 

I love you forever babe. See you next week!