Sunshine!! :: Day 223

Today was a great day. As much as I'm wanting snow, the blue skies we've had lately have been wonderful! It's getting so cold though that things are freezing come night time and well into late morning. I took a different way home today, and I was reveling in the beautiful light when I saw this little field. I kept driving, but figured, I had nothing I was pressed for, so I turned around. We were the only ones there. Kate and I got out and ran around a little while I took some pictures of her. I love having my own little models anytime I want! :)

She was ready to be done with how cold it was. She wasn't feeling the running around with mommy too much. The grass was a little hard for her to walk on, and favored holding my hand. Plus, she had goldfish crackers waiting for her in the car..

After running some errands in the morning, we cleaned things up a bit. It felt good to get rid of stuff - and Kate thought it was hilarious to sit in her chair while it was on the floor!

Then she discovered that she could fit under the table..

Nap time was very short lived, I came up to get her and she was being such a goof! Kate has never tried to climb out of her crib or anything like that, so she took to sticking her hands and legs through the bars, standing up, falling down, and laughing while I played with her.

Then she was just ready to get out. She stretched her little leg up and got her foot to reach the top. Hahaa, I laughed so hard! Determination.

We finished up things at home before heading out to pick Alyx up. She fell asleep pretty quickly, so Alyx and I took to the beautiful afternoon sunshine!

We stopped at a park in Steilacoom and played around for as long as we could stand the cold. I love capturing him running, it's such a natural thing for him. He's very much in his element during those moments.

There's this one spot that I always see as I drive past everyday, there's big towering trees that are spread apart, and you get these great long shadows when the sun is shining through them. So we walked over, and what I thought would be getting a few cute poses out of him, ended up being more, "Mom, watch this!" Hahaa, I don't mind, I love watching him and listening as he tells me all the things he learns from his gym coach at school.

It was hilarious when he began directing me to capture certain moments. "Mom, ok, I'm going to go over here... You stand there... Ok, get like this... Put your camera here... Ok, keep pushing the button, I'm gonna do this... Make sure you get it." I was like, really dude... I got this! Lol. I love it!!

Alyx is fearless and mega talented. I don't know what he's going to put all that energy into as he gets older, but I know he'll be something great! He's an amazing kid and he's amazing at what he puts his mind too.

"Mom, want me to take some pictures of you?"
"No bud, that's ok, lets get going."
"Oh come on mom, go stand over there... Walk on this... Oh that's a good one... Perfect!"

Almost there baby! Time is flying. I love you forever!