Rest :: Day 217

If there's one thing where my strength diminishes, it's a stomach ache. Simply put, it's the one thing I'm a big baby about. After falling asleep to a stomach ache, I also woke up with one. Thankfully as the day continued, it wasn't so bad, but not completely gone. The kids seem to be feeling much better today! However, I can't begin to brag enough at how wonderful they were today to let me rest (I stayed in bed and slept off and on until 10) most the entire day. Wow! Words hardly explain how grateful I am! I read most of the day, sometimes alongside Alyx, Kate napped well, a little movie for them, and mostly play. The greatest sound is hearing their laughter, I can't get enough.

Alyx and Kate are two of the most loving kids ever! There are constant random hugs from each of them. Kate went up to hug Alyx while he was putting her movie in. He let her cuddle on him while they watched their movie today. Kate even gave Bear kisses, and at one point she walked up behind him and hugged his tail!

The she found my glasses, and like her brother has been doing since he was just a little older than her, tried them on. So funny!

Alyx and I have a new agreement that whomever finishes dinner last, will do the dishes (I make sure all the pots and cooking utensils are clean before we eat, or I'll do them regardless). So tonight, with out argument, he tended to his duty with maturity, and helped his sister be right alongside him while explaining what different things were (even if he didn't know the name of it, he did his best to explain, "This is for cheese." - the cheese slicer). Hahaa! Melt a mama's heart! I must say that giving him small responsibilities more frequently has been wonderful for him. I've seen so much improvement in his work ethic.

...and then before bed, I let them get out some energy. Alyx is learning how to have his usual amount of physically exerting fun with his baby sister. He helps her along, takes turns with her, and is gentle when necessary, but guides her along whatever crazy concoction he comes up with!

I'm not sure if you can tell very well in this photo, but Alyx has his eyes squeezed shut as he embraced the landing, and he has such a little boy look to his face that I haven't seen since he was a few years younger. He's growing up so much, so fast!

One day closer... I'm almost beginning to hold my breath! I'm so anxious for his safety while he travels through Afghanistan while working, and I know we're both so ready for him to just be home now. This is going to be our best reunion yet!