Preparing :: Day 215

It's getting sooooo cold outside! As much as I love the outdoors, my natural instinct when the weather is below 40 degrees is to stay where it's warm. When I woke up and saw sun this morning, I had every intention of getting the kids and dog bundled up to go for a walk. However, as the day progressed and I kept on cleaning, my chances were slimmer and slimmer. Who am I kidding?! It's freezing, I'm not going out unless someone coerces me. I really want to though, I just can't bring myself to do it!

With all the pretty light shining in our windows, I wanted a few pictures, so I called for Alyx to model for me real quick. I snapped a few cute pictures before we heard the crash or his legos, he gave me the look of a desperate plea to run to his lego creation, where he left his sister, to make sure it was ok. Hahaa, too cute!

After breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen, I finally got myself to tackle our bedroom. A project I've been avoiding for quite some time. Since I don't sleep on our bed while Jeremy is away, it has become a catch-all for clothes. Considering this is a slight pet-peeve of mine, I finally got sick of it and cleaned it up. Yay me! So, of course, that meant my sweet little babes hung out with me so I wouldn't be lonely ;).

Even Bear kept me company.. Kate went to daddy's side of the bed and rearranged his pictures.

Then there was lunch.. Uh, oops.

..and movie watching.

..and then snack time.

Alyx was being all cute with his sister while I was taking pictures, when mid-way she decided she didn't want the blanket on her anymore. Surprisingly, she is very fickle about when she wants to snuggle with blankets, unlike Alyx and me who love blanket snuggles all the time!!

It was really nice to be home today. It's even more nice to be warm when it's so cold out. A blessing I know better than to take for granted! Jeremy traveled to Sharana today, so we got to text off and on while he waited for flights and settled in to bed upon arrival. It's so wonderful to communicate with his so often now. This is definitely a first for us, we've had times with only letters and few phone calls, times with skype, and now with text via iphone. We're both so anxious for him to be home, that it's been hard for us to focus on much else. The idea of him being home next month has my nerves slightly frazzled at all the things I need to do before he gets here! Good frazzles though :). A feeling I've admittedly waited a long time for. So cheers... Cheers to January going by like these past 7 months have!