Perfect Together :: Day 222

Talking on the phone with daddy..

When Kate began crawling and showed interest in the stairs, naturally we became worried. I fully anticipated getting a gate to put up, but I never really got around to doing it. Honestly, I've never had to worry. She's never been the kind of baby to just fall off something, climb out of her bed, go up a few steps to fall back down. She's always been exceptionally smart and careful. For months I followed her closely as she braved each step up and down. As walking became a regular thing for her, my worries died down. She's never fallen. That isn't to say I don't still watch her, or Alyx, but she has her method that works just fine for her. Once she sets her mind to doing something, there's no stopping our little girl.

To be honest, for the past 8 years I've been a mom (WHOA!), I've never once baby proofed anything. Not once. Ever. I've simply taught them and directed them in the directions best for them. I've never even had a scare. I don't shut the kids out from anything either. They know what cleaning supplies are, they know what electrical outlets are. They know the stove means 'hot' and climbing means 'ow.' I'm also not a mom to run to the ER every time there's a problem, I'm really good at fixing things with the necessary home remedies for whatever may occur. Granted, if a trip to the doctor is necessary, then so be it, but it really has to be a BIG reason. That stuff is NOT fun. Maybe I'm just really blessed (I know I am), but I like to think I have a hand in it as well :).

Play time during bath time... She's getting more brave to try new things :).

No matter how much food I give this kid, he's a scrawny little thing!

They quietly played upstairs for nearly an hour!

I'm not sure how successful Guess Who was for them, but they really played! Alyx would give her a card, would ask her a question, and she would respond with 'yes' or 'no.' Hahaa, it was so cute!

Then as I came in to put them to bed, battleship was on! They were both setting up their pegs and ships, quietly, happy, talking about their moves.

I couldn't resist asking for a cheese! When I did, Alyx would smile, then Kate would look over at him to see if he was, then she would turn to me and give me a big grin!

As I was driving Alyx to school, I realized a little peace came over me. Something I haven't felt in a while. I'm really trying to just let things be and continue on with everything I have to do right now. Shortly after, I saw this on Instagram..

I was kind of surprised at how perfectly that suited me. I've been nothing but anxious, obviously. As much as I want to be in the present, I'm going to have to wait for it like everyone else. As we've always said, "Nothing worth having comes easy." We've worked hard to be with one another, there's no point in becoming weak now. 

So, as my day progressed, I successfully did everything I didn't need to do. Awesome. I have a year's worth of tax information to gather because of my own lack of organization, and I'm hitting wall after wall. I did prep myself for this year already (I'm pretty proud of myself for that!). However, it won't help me next month when Jeremy is scowling at me for having to help me finish before we meet with an accountant (although I guarantee that will happen :)).

I asked Kate today if she was happy, she said, "Yeah!" Hahahaa. I ask Alyx all the time, and then he asks me if I'm happy. I thought about it for a moment when he asked yesterday, and then again today when I asked Kate, and I answered honestly, 'yes.' Someone on Facebook said I've hit the jackpot in the lottery of life on a photo I posted of Kate for my 365 project. Again, I got to thinking. I had a few witty responses, but felt they were all better left unsaid. However, I can't help but emphasize that I simply became better than where I came from. Nothing has ever been handed to me. Absolutely nothing. It's easy to not know those things, it's easy to see how happy we are now, but it's all been something we've worked hard for. I have a great mentality when it comes to all aspects of living, working, and all that good stuff. If I don't, I recognize my fault and I strive to correct it. People say that people don't change, but I say, we change every day. If I was still the person I was raised as, I wouldn't be here. Simple as that. We may not see the instant gratification from someone changing the way we want them to, but there's more to it than that. People don't just stop doing something because someone caught them, or yelled at them, or it ruined their life... people stop because something happened that opened their eyes, because the right person came along to help them, because someone believed in them, because there was motivation... that is change. It happens.