Patience :: Day 232

I'm finding it increasingly challenging to keep my patience going strong. Aside from wishing I could desperately fly away to some place exciting, I just need to keep myself buried in work and the appointments I have coming up. Who knew deployments could be such a roller coaster?! Admittedly, I feel secure in saying that being the one deployed was challenging, but it's not quite like the challenges of waiting on the deployed.

Kate found some sponges under the sink today and started wiping off the coffee table :).

After waking up feeling like a cold was settling in on me, I didn't leave the couch much. I don't do well being laid up, and it really got to me. I felt bad for pouring my woes onto Jeremy while we messaged off and on throughout the day. You know those times where absolutely nothing can cheer you up and you really want to sleep all the time away? Yeah, that was me today.

I feel very blessed that Alyx and Kate not only help me out while I'm not feeling well, but entertain themselves as needed too. We did watch a few movies, but mostly played, read books, and then threw ourselves into making a yummy comforting dinner.

Kate watched as I minced garlic, she asked if she could try some and I figured, 'why not?' I missed capturing the initial reaction of her sour face, and of course, spitting it out, but it was really funny!

While I'm cooking dinner, I look over to see her laying down on her pillow next to me. She did it again shortly after, on the dog's pillow in the living room, before getting up and moving his pillow next to his head. I love how affectionate and sweet my kids are!

"Hahaa, Kate are you tired?"
"Yes, I seepin mama."

I'm really hoping that Kate sleeps past 3 am and I don't wake up feeling any worse, because we could really use some mountain therapy in the morning! Her lack of consistent sleep the past few days has me beyond exhausted.

Sorry for everything today babe. I really appreciate your efforts in keeping my spirits up, and reminding me how close we are to being together again. These next two weeks will be a great challenge as I dream of the drive to the airport! You're a wonderful man. I love you forever.