New Years Day :: Day 213

It's unbelievable to think that it is now the year two thousand thirteen! I kind of try not to think about it sometimes, just because it sounds a little crazy. No matter the year, I'm in love watching these sweet babies of mine. I'm beyond thrilled with being able to say, "I'll see you next month," to Jeremy. In fact, I've been thinking a lot about him and I. A lot about our conversations, and of course, how lucky I know I am to have such a sweet man by my side. A few days ago, we were having a conversation and said, "You've been mine for like 5 years, I can remember every detail!" That warmed my heart quite a bit! I find it incredible to be loved as much as I love him!

Mama Koch invited us to New Years dinner at her home. The kids had stayed with her for the first part of the day anyway, so we hung for a few hours until it was food time!

Mama Koch doesn't get rid of anything, and I mean anything! She is wearing an old pair of Air Force marshmallows (that's what we called them in the Army) while preparing dinner.

I hadn't had lunch, and she always assumes I'm hungry, so after a veggie tray, she cut up the most delicious apple and some oranges. I'm supposed to eat dinner after this?!

Baby waiting patiently for Kate to drop more food. Baby LOVES apples!

Then Kate took it upon herself to rearrange the fruit from the plate, to hers.

We were given so much food per usual to family dinner's at the Koch's, and when at Mom's house, it's a constant encouragement to 'Eat!' I was pretty tired from my run earlier and didn't have much of an appetite. I did manage some of the fruit and veggies, and even a plate full of food at dinner. I was so full at that point, until she said, "No, I have more food!" I kind of wanted to cry. Hahaa. I couldn't make out the name of this dish, but it's a traditional Korean soup on New Year's. She told us that it's such an easy meal, she prepared it for the boys a lot when they were younger. I added a good amount of salt and pepper since it didn't have much flavor, but otherwise, it wasn't bad, just a little different. I'm thankful Jeremy's family has come to understand how different their culture and food is for me at times, and they understand when I don't like something. I always try it though (sans fishy stuff).

I missed Jeremy a little more today. Although I'm beyond thrilled for the one month we have standing between us, I can't help but think of how big these times of the year are for us. Of course, that really goes for all year long. I find winter's harder simply because of the holidays and cuddling!