Mountain Therapy :: Day 233

Today was the best day we've had in awhile. I've held off adventures since our trip to Leavenworth back in November. If you know me, you understand how difficult that is for me. I crave adventure. I crave trips. I crave thrill, excitement, and new things! It's my own personal addiction (the only one I really have). Between saving money and worried about my high mileage Jeep, we've been hanging out together a lot around our casa. It's not so bad. Although, after 2 of our 3 day weekend with out leaving the house, and feeling like poo, I got us together, argued with myself, and got our hiney's out the door!

I'm glad I did too, because we left overcast skies, fog, and 30 degree weather in the city, for clear blue skies, sunshine, and a 50 degree mountain top with snow! On the way out of town, we stopped and grabbed some sleds to guarantee some fun!

This exact spot is one where Jeremy had taken his Bronco wheeling back when I was still in Iraq in 2009. I always think of him when I come here. Along these same roads are the spots Jeremy and I visited as soon as I got back from Iraq, where we went wheelin' at night and he showed me the best view of the stars! I now know this place like the back of my hand, and I love it more every time.

Kate was napping when we first arrived, so Alyx and I had some fun on our own for a while. Running uphill and then sledding down is the first bit of unabashed fun I've had in more time than I'd like to admit. There was even a moment where I was running up, trailing behind Alyx, and I felt like I was playing with my best friend. A moment with him I will never forget.

Once my sweet girl woke up, I tried to get her going with her brother first on a very small slope. She wasn't thrilled about the idea. So then I set her in the sled and pulled her around. Nope. Finally, I had Alyx sit with her as I pulled them both around. Definitely no. She's a cautious little girl, and I don't think she knows what to think about the white stuff that's hard for her little feet to walk in.

So Alyx and I took turns staying next to her, and then sledding down. When I was with her, she held my hand, and didn't care much to walk around unless I carried her.

My last slide down with Mount Rainier behind me. Bear also ran along side me every single time.

He was so silly rolling around and burying his face in the snow!

I love the smile on his face. I love this kid!

Alyx was sledding for awhile, and I stayed with her for some time, until I needed a ride down and wanted to get some more photos, so I walked away from her. I tried to coax her into walking toward me, but she wasn't having it. After grumbling at me while I persisted, she put her face down and waited it out. Oh this girl!

As I talked to Jeremy this morning before reaching the mountains, I told him this should be our last run there without him for awhile. That was a happy thought indeed! We're at less than two weeks now, I can hardly believe it. This next week is going to be insane getting ready for his return and trying to get myself organized, as well as all the things marked off my extensive to-do list! 

Not only did I feel genuinely happy today, but I can feel bits of relief come in, knowing the rest of our home will soon be complete. I couldn't ask for more.