Mornings with Kate :: Day 221

Everything I want to say, I've said before. It's just that.. I'm ready. I keep having to remind myself that time isn't going to stop, it's still going as it has been this entire time. Breathe... On another note, it looks like the trip to Mexico with Chris and Janie is in the works. I'm excited for that, even if it is going to double as our honeymoon. I don't mind, I've never been on a vacation like that before. I have no doubts we'll have a blast and live it up like newlyweds anyway :). Hehee, we're gonna be newlyweds! Oh yay! That's exciting to say. 

Jeremy has been super sweet and helpful in being apart of planning our wedding with me. He sent me a checklist that he made me promise to use (I printed it out, and it's in a binder for all wedding related items!). Oh yeah, I'm getting organized. It feels good to get things in order. Taxes are killing me... but I'll get there. Hopefully I do better with that this year, and continue progressing. Anyway, we've got the guest list going and I have another get together with the girls this weekend. I'm really loving getting to see them more often and bounce ideas back and forth and feel their support for everything that's happening for me, and us. 

After coming home this morning, I had to keep going with organizing my business, prepare for getting our taxes done, and of course, the wedding stuff. I have a lot on my plate, did I mention vacations too? I can't complain, as Jeremy said, we're lucky to be balancing the things we are! No argument there. So while I kept myself busy, Kate stays near, asking what stuff is, going through my desk drawers, and snacking off and on. Before nap time, Kate and I finished getting Jeremy's last care package put together to send out. That's really exciting! Once she was up, we were trying to get ready to go, but instead, we found ourselves playing. She found this glow stick that Alyx had lying around upstairs (from the Christmas party), and she loves to play with it. So when I asked her to get her shoes, she decided to fall to the floor instead. I'm not sure what she was doing, but I played along, she thought it was so funny, so I had to get pictures!

I'm working on managing my frustrations with them. It's hard to not take some of it out on the people nearest you, and since that is my kids, I have to make a conscience effort to NOT do that. I've been turning to Michaela and Katie a lot. It's awesome to have good friends again. 

So as it goes, we're at 28 days today. Can you believe it?! I am too darn excited! Jeremy is, too, for sure. He's traveling again, this time to Kabul for awhile. He's been on night shift in Bagram, so getting out is probably helping him be less bored, tired, and making time fly. I know he's the one who needs this, the one who's just ready to be home. He's worked hard and long, I couldn't be more proud of the provider he is. 28 days.