Last Day :: Day 218

I'm sad it's our last day of break. Sad, but happy to get back to routine. I really need to get myself going. Even though there will undoubtedly be times during this month it won't feel like it, the time is going to fly by and I won't have any more chances to get everything I want done for Jeremy's return. Seriously, just typing that sends me over the edge! Gaaaaah, I AM SO READY! :)

I had my first photo shoot of the year today. I have to credit my future MIL for this one, she referred me to her close friend at church who turns 60 (yet doesn't look a day over 40), to capture her celebration at their church. Now let me explain a few quick things about a traditional Korean church... If you're from the south and are all American, it's one hell of a culture shock. I've been a few times, so it isn't so overwhelming anymore, but then again, I've always had Jeremy to hold my hand. Geez, I hate having to be a big girl with out him! :( Anyway, it was nice. Everyone is uber friendly and loves my kids, can't go wrong there!

After church and photos, we came home and talked, cuddled, made homemade pizza, and (not really) prepared for the next day. We're all getting anxious that in less than a month now, Jeremy will be home! Yeeeaaaaaaaah!

I love curling her hair - and she loves "pretty."

Kate has too much fun with 'baby belly' now. She knows I'm gonna tickle her, so she pulls her shirt up now and comes at you like there's no tomorrow!