Family :: Day 225

As time is going by, I find myself missing my family more and more. With illnesses and troubles, it's hard to not be near. Distance really has its benefits sometimes, especially with a family like mine, but that doesn't take away my love for them or my desire to see them once in awhile. I've come to fear that this isn't the last deployment we'll be seeing. While I suppose it's expected. I know the man I fell in love with. As difficult as it is to wait for so long for someone, it isn't always so bad. I've been good about keeping myself busy, entertained, and our relationship continuously going strong. But if this is the life I have to look forward to, there will definitely be more changes for the kids and I. Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself... We're about three weeks away from leave! Yay!

Today I sampled some lip colors I got from a friend yesterday. Naturally, that meant that Kate wanted to participate. While I would NEVER actually put makeup on her, it was cute to play around together. It's part of most of our morning routines when I'm getting ready... "some mommy. some" or "pretty."

Then we wiped it off to try the next one. It was cute to watch her mimic me, and then while I continued on, she reorganized everything :).

I have a really hard time making decisions about things that are out of my comfort zone. At first glance, some colors I thought I liked, but it's hard to stare at yourself long in the mirror trying to decide whether or not you look like a clown. So, I took a few photos on some of the ones I liked. I actually had fun for a little bit being girly.

Alyx was grounded for the day after some not so fabulous behavior the night prior. He really needed some time to mellow out, and mostly, to clean his room! After getting most of the cleaning done, his sister joined him. After a little while of playing together, he got agitated with her, and what started out as rough housing play, turned into Kate getting hurt. We'll most likely be visiting her doctor tomorrow.

The sunset over our backyard was beautiful tonight. Winter sunrises and sunsets are the most beautiful in Washington! 

One day closer..