Driving A Minivan :( :: Day 214

Today my car went into the dealership for an oil change and getting the alignment adjusted. Thankfully, I get a rental car at no cost to me, but this time, I got a Chrysler mom-van. Eek! I don't think I've ever felt so soccer mom in my life! Although, I hate to admit there were some pretty neat features. Will.Never.Own.A.Minivan.EVER!!! (No offense to those who drive them!)

I also hate to admit that the kids loved this damn car. They each got a seat near a window (7 passenger seating), and loved the automatic doors, and dvd players. I'll stop there. I just can't do it. I miss my Jeep!

After running around in a minivan after dropping my Jeep off this morning, we picked up our adorable mug from Java and Clay, stopped at Goodwill (hoping to find some adorable tea cup plates I saw last week, no luck), then to lunch (where they were both ready for naps), and finally home before picking my car up later.

I've been a bit exhausted lately, although I'm not sure why. I didn't feel up for much cooking today, but did manage to scrounge up a summer spaghetti recipe I found and heavily altered. As of late, when I sit down to eat, I've been losing my appetite a few bites in.  So I end up drinking my glass of wine and a piece of bread before feeding my leftovers to Bear and eventually get the kids ready for bed. 

Since I didn't find the plates I was hoping to at the thrift store today, I found these super cute Pyrex bowls (3 in all). I've been needing a few serving dishes and was elated to still see these there!

As a mom on your own, you aren't typically given much quiet time throughout your days, but I have to say that it's something I prefer more times than not. That's quite unfortunate when you have two little ones, but I'm often blessed with their ability to self-entertain (when I need it most), and their good behavior (again, when I need it most). After all, those are the times that count, right?! :)

As time draws nearer to Jeremy coming home, I can't help but feel like I want him here NOW! From the death of a friends husband in Afghanistan, another girl's break up with her boyfriend in Afghanistan, and the return of many others, I can't help but feel all sorts of ways. Mostly, that I want him SAFE! I've stumbled across a few of Claudia's blogs (the girl I met through Katie, and found out mere days later that her husband was killed), and have been looking through them, and seeing her strength through it all, but mostly the love that they shared. I feel like I could write a book as to how it makes me feel, but it isn't my story to tell. It's scary and hard to cope with seeing your worst nightmare become a reality (whether it's yours or not). So my feelings of anxiousness for his return is only growing greater and greater. I mentioned on Facebook that, "I need February. Stat." I mean it!

I know these are some silly bathroom pictures, but some of these moments just make me smile. Lately, I've been wanting to share every conceivable moment with Jeremy. That's kind of hard with him being away, so I end up taking a ridiculous amount of pictures. I'm sure my kids will be thrilled with these later in life :).

Seconds before, Kate had grabbed her foot. I was trying to get her to do it again, but as Alyx asked, "Where's your toes?" She ended up finding her nose. Oops!

I can't say much of anything that I haven't said already, but I simply want Jeremy home. Patience. Oh sweet patience.