Almost There :: Day 231

I've learned my final lesson today for printing photos for clients through Costco. I've always heard they were pretty good considering, but after picking up 67 prints, and comparing them to the others I had previously ordered through a pro lab, I will now only order my photos through a pro lab, even with the slight price increase. I did a small private event recently, and they wanted all the images printed. After finally picking them up through Costco, they all looked like zombies with a gray washed out color to the image, and I hate to admit this isn't the first time. I was so disappointed. So... never again. 

Aside from that, our day was really relaxed. We ran some errands, and came home to play for the day. Later in the evening, we actually bundled up and drove to Olympia to meet Chris for his last night here before he leaves for training tomorrow, and him and I took night photos. I haven't been out to do that in awhile, and it was so nice being in the cool crisp air, capturing the city. I stayed close to the car while the kids played games, listened to music, and watched movies. Lucky ducks!

Chris has been around helping with things at home, and keeping us company while he's been back the past few months. We've become pretty good friends, even if he drives me crazy sometimes (I'm sure the feeling is mutual ;)). He's taken to Bear a lot, and has him slowly inching his way onto my couches, just like Tyson did.

We were all getting stir crazy after awhile, but it's just SO COLD! I finally bundled up the kids so they could play outside for a little while. It really didn't last long, but they were happy for the time they were out.

Then it was snack time. Kate's new favorite fruit is Strawberries! Not only can she say the word properly, but she can eat the entire basket!

She asks for them so I'll cut the top off, I was reading off and on until dinner, and at this point, I had taken too long. She wanted one now! Hahaa, love this girl!

Before dinner, Alyx completed a puzzle he got for Christmas, but wasn't thrilled at the idea of getting bath time out of the way before dinner since it was still a little early. After a bit of arguing and talking back, he got sent to the corner (as much as I'm not a fan of this punishment, it really helps him to calm down during the moment and think about his actions). Little miss copy cat, who also understands every thing you say, beat him to it! That's right, Kate runs for the corner as soon as she knows Alyx is headed that way. When all is done, she'll even tell me she's sorry. Gosh, these kids! Hahaa!

I'm still in disbelief that we're nearly two weeks away! I want to drive to the airport and wait for him now. Completely unreasonable, but I can't wait to make the little venture!! I need my man! Aaaaaah, SO CLOSE! xoxo