A Matter of Days :: Day 243

We're a mere few days away from the beginning of Jeremy's R&R! I couldn't be more excited! We're doing everything we can to make his homecoming as smooth and wonderful as possible. It's crazy, but so so good!

Kate has taken to laying down no matter where we are when she's tired. For example, while having lunch with Michaela today, she had no problem laying down in the little coffee shop we were at. Hahaa, what a ham!

I love her dirty pink chucks and crossed feet like her momma.

It's all out of love. I swear. She'll love me more for this some day, right?!

She didn't understand the sudden burst of attention and laughter.

Alyx: "This is what my dad does."

Almost there babe. I am so in love with you, and so proud of you for everything! I can't wait to be wrapped in your arms again! Muah!