Winter Break :: Day 209

Today started out relatively challenging. Two rambunctious kids and I had errands I HAD to run for the first half of the day. There was little cooperation and Kate has taken to laying down on the ground and crying (or screaming) when she isn't getting her way, with out hesitation! It's cute, but after the first few moments, it quickly becomes embarrassing! I did only what I had to before leaving out the rest and heading straight home. Go figure, right after that, things mellowed out and the rest of the day was pretty smooth sailing. Thank goodness!

Toward the end of the night, I realized I hadn't taken hardly any photos for this and feared I would just let it go for the evening. Then I realized I hadn't practiced low-light photos yet. At the time, Kate was sitting next to me while eating a snack before bed and making cute faces, so I felt compelled to capture the moment with out bringing in my huge flash. I was quite happy with the results :).

Then we got into the Christmas lights that we took down from the front porch today. What a goof! My good friend reminded me today that (even though I'm exhausted) kids are kids. Alyx is a wonderful ball of energy, but he's a really good kid! His energy goes straight into amusing himself, even if it's driving other people crazy, he isn't being bad or destructive, or a million other worse things you could imagine. It kind of struck a cord, and I not only realized how right she was, but to really just let him be him and step aside, and take a few deep breaths when the times calls for it.

Our evening was very pleasant, and I got to text Jeremy for a little while, while the kids played upstairs, leaving me to read for a little bit before getting to dinner. I had a few moments to breath, relax, and most importantly clear my head. Thank God for awesome kids! Seriously, I am beyond blessed and so happy for everything!

Forty mother freakin' days! Yeaaaah!!