We Have Awesome Kids! :: Day 187

Today, Kate brought a small teddy bear downstairs with her in the morning. Once we got home from our little thrifting adventure, she was walking around with it and at saying, 'Sh... shh.. sh' over and over while rocking it back and forth as she walked around the kitchen with me. It was the cutest darn thing ever!

Alyx has been on the steady count down of Jeremy's leave, and of course, Christmas. I'm really at a loss of how to go about this on my own, especially because most of me doesn't want anything to do with it. Anyhow, he's been doing super well in school, moving up to purple on the color behavior chart every day (that's the highest)!

Cubscouts had a party at pump it up this evening, Alyx was hardly seen most of the time, running around with the rest of the rugrats. Kate wouldn't budge for the first half of it, but found the little yellow tike car that you push around with your feet, and she played in that while I pushed her around. She occasionally asked where her bubba was to make sure she had eyes on him, then continued playing with me.

Once we were home and getting things ready for the night, Kate followed me outside while I took out the garbage, and watched Bear as he waited for me. When I came back inside, and told Bear to follow me, Kate was calling for Bear and making the kissy noise for him. All day long, she's also been saying 'what the heck?' and 'gosh darnit.' It's really cute, but I'm quick to realize how much we need to watch more and more what we say!

I hate everyone who's with their spouses right now. I'm happy for you, but I hate you.

One day closer...