Trouble in the US :: Day 195

Lunch with my darling Kate can be cute as ever. Who thought tomato soup across your face was so darling!

After a terrible shooting in an elementary school in Conneticut today, it's been painful to be away from Alyx while he was at school. There are no other words to express the emotions left behind, so I grabbed my camera and captured my two little ones and held them tight, hoping I'll never have to let go.

I say it all the time, but Alyx and Kate are two of the most special kids that ever existed. Not only because of how I view them as a mom, but how they view one another. You can see in the photos alone - not just these ones, but in all the photos I take of them - how bonded they are. I can't imagine my life with out these two, nor would I ever want to. If I have nothing else in the world, I will only ever want them.

Being a parent is a constant learning experience. However, I've been taking more effort to learn how to not only be a better parent, but how to raise my babies with all the fundamentals they need. What I've discovered most is that means more work on myself than anything else. Thankfully, I can do that, and all in good time.

I am blessed to watch them grow.

They spend time together and talk like they're best buddies just hanging out.

Nothing says love like hugs with cookies in your hand!

We remember the advent calendar about every other day. I don't think they mind though, two treats in one night! Yum!!

Bear longing for his treat..


Alyx gets so excited about the shape thats on each little piece of chocolate. I love him so much.

I love you.