Sometimes We All Need Someone :: Day 211

First off, being indoors for any extended period of time is terrible for me! Apparently, that is not the way I was made and it drives me batty. My patience runs low, my temperament is almost non-existent, and well, I feel sorry for my kids because I suck. I do my best to keep that all at bay as best as I can though. 
Today I took down some more decorations and came across three candy canes which the kids quickly decided we would eat. And so we did! 

I decided to make a photo-op out of it for today, just because.. This was our first attempt :).

My car is in need of going to the shop, so I'm doing my best to leave it parked out front until the drive to the dealership in Puyallup on the third. You have no idea how hard that is for me!!

It was a bit crummy, but really, we relaxed most of the day. We did minor cleaning, the kids played, and we watched movies. That's it. I think some people enjoy this stuff, but it really just drives me crazy. It ended up being a day where Jeremy and I could text off and on and I've just been on this kick of imagining him home so much (because we're so close), that I'm back to where we were at the beginning of wanting him here for all the little things, like he normally is. It hurts.

In fact, I get so overwhelmed at the thought of missing him and wanting him so badly, I just want to cry. I want to shut myself in a dark room and cry until I fall asleep and keep doing it until he's here again. That's insane, of course, and thankfully only a quickly passing feeling. I do find the good in this deployment, in so many ways. For instance, I guarantee there are no two people who appreciate their time together as much as Jeremy and I do. Undoubtedly, I don't care what anyone says. Two and a half years is ridiculously long - and this isn't the first one.

Continued on that good note of things from deployment is, I'm able to see things I may not have seen before... I've always known what an incredible man he is (that's why I'm with him ;)), but after so much time, and actually being around friends and couples this time, I see even more how rare of a good man he is. For example, I told him the other day how I see women who have great husbands, and when they have a baby, you always see the woman carrying the baby, pushing the stroller, giving baths, feeding, etc... With Jeremy, he always carried Kate. I've never had to ask. When we hike, he takes the pack, when we're at the pumpkin patch, he puts the carrier on, when we're on a walk or jog, he pushes the stroller. One of our good mutual friends had put on Facebook that her husband was giving their son a bath for the first time at 6 months old!!! I dropped my jaw! Jeremy and I have given our kids baths together since the beginning! There are times where we'll give the other the time off if desired, but otherwise, it's a team effort, and that goes for just about everything else. You don't have to tell me what a blessing that is to have in a man. I know, I appreciate, and I let him know!

We're getting so close to Jeremy being home, that I'm just so anxious, my patience isn't being very kind to me. I know this time will fly, but as you know, it isn't an easy wait. As you've seen on my countdown, it's been 211 days since I've laid eyes on him, hugged him, felt him, kissed him or any of that good stuff! And well, I can't wait!!! If it was ever possible, I love him more every day. I would never wish him to leave us again, but it has certainly given us a strength and respect like no other. One that I know will stand the test of time and has taught me so much as I come into my adult years. I'm thankful we've waited to get married, but I'm that much more excited for our special day to come, because we've been patient, we've been tested, we've made mistakes, and we know one another like no one else ever could. I love him for that. 38 days.