Out and About :: Day 208

Chris invited us out early this morning to go back to this coffee shop in Gig Harbor that we stopped at last time we came through. In the front it's a typical coffee shop, but through to the back is a display around the inner perimeter of a large room with large wooden tables. There is an assortment of plates, cups, piggy banks, animals, holiday decor, and pretty much any dish or clay-type pot imaginable. We picked out one unique mug to decorate, which was a little stressful trying to contain a potentially disastrous mess between these two. I would've loved to do more, but prices are pretty steep. This one mug was a hefty $20! However, the experience was one-of-a-kind and it was a blessing to watch their creativity come unleashed with paint brushes.

Alyx picked out most all of the colors, Kate picked up on {heavy} dipping of paint and smearing it on quickly, and I dabbled around and decorated when they were done.

This little experience was actually quite relaxing. It was easy to get into it once you started, even if you had no idea what you were doing.

Janie and Chris put in some work on their mugs! They are so crafty!! The inside bottom of Chris' mug says 'Time For Refill," hehee. Our finished mug in the center of the photo on the right :). I'm so excited to see it after it's been baked and glossed over!

After the coffee shop, Chris wanted to go see a truck he's been eyeing for awhile, so we went on a little walk through downtown. I really love Gig Harbor!

It was so cute to see Alyx walking with Chris, and Kate with Janie :).

The sign below belongs to the house below (who's porch I adore!), and couldn't help but chuckle when I read, 'Insured by Smith and Wesson.' Hahaa, I suppose we'll be getting one of those! Yay second amendment!

Then there was play time and curiosity. I love these two so much!

And we love you babe! So close!