Gingerbread House :: Day 197

After an entire year of waiting to build a gingerbread house, we finally did it today! Alyx was so happy, I love his smile in this picture! Kate didn't know what to think of it really, except, "candy. candy." Hahaa! I let them indulge of course. We're going to pick up a few more to do still too since this one didn't work out so  well.

When she sees Alyx happy and smiling for me while I take pictures, she wants to be in on it too!

Alyx grabbed the camera for me while I tried to help him get this thing together. It lasted maybe another 30 seconds after this. I was getting a bit frustrated! I've never built one before, and it didn't help that the frosting was a little dry (which is why we're going to try again).

So... I gave up! Hahaa, really it was a mess and not holding well, so we made our own version that would work! Alyx was happy nonetheless. At dinner, he asked me if I really like it. I told him it was the best ever. Seeing as how I only remember one gingerbread house in my childhood (my brother or dad did it I think), I was beyond happy to see Alyx's little creation.

Since we had some good sized left over pieces, they helped themselves to those while I finished up some baking I needed to get to. After this, we got to skype with Jeremy before taking naps, having dinner, and then off to bed for the night. We had a pretty great weekend, I'm excited for the holiday break! One week of school left before that.

52 days and counting! So so close!