Gig Harbor with Chris :: Day 194

I had a photo shoot with a little boy today, but I came down with a not so nice cold. I didn't want to get someone else's kid ill, so I'll be doing it after the new year. I ended up going out with Chris to take pictures, even though I desperately wanted to stay in bed all day. However, I suffered less by not being able to focus solely on how crummy I felt.

Before taking Kate to Grandma's for the day, we met Uncle Chris for coffee and then went for a little walk. Chris' photo of us below.

I love how much Chris loves our girl. Family is so very important, and even though Kate isn't completely comfortable around him, she knows who he is.

We were hanging out, walking around, and taking pictures. My little babe didn't mind one bit! In fact, I think she's getting used to all the attention :).

I took plenty of photos from our journey around Gig Harbor today. Our first stop was at the Fox Island bridge, because even though it was overcast, there was a break in the clouds over Mt Rainier, so we both wanted to capture that. We followed that up with a trip to downtown, stopped at a little park, grabbed some coffee, then walked down a public pier to find a starfish wrapped around the dock! Very cool. It's pretty awesome having a family member who shares the same passion with me. We've grown comfortable around one another enough to not only talk about photography, but our lives and thoughts as well. I'm very thankful for that connection with Jeremy's family.

More than anything, I'm the most excited for our adventures again. Nothing beats a day in your big truck with plenty of goodies, heated seats, my hand in yours, and naps on your arm while you're driving. You're my everything, my favorite, and I can't wait to marry you!!!!