Dresses! :: Day 184

Today Michaela and I went shopping for dresses! We ran into the first bump in the road when we went to the Elegant Bride in Lakewood. The woman didn't allow photos and was very rude to me when I asked about it, mentioning some of my bridesmaids and my fiance are far away. So I left. We quickly discovered that a lot of places will need an appointment, and even more are closed on Monday. I was quickly getting discouraged when we headed to David's Bridal and were able to go look around. I was allowed to try on 3 dresses with out an appointment. We scoured the racks and came out with 6, and quickly narrowed it down. The first dress is the first one I tried on and I really liked it. The picture makes me look kind of silly, and is making me rethink my style choice, but in person, I thought it looked better. The dress was a little big, but looked better when tightened too!

This one had a slight train, and I like that idea. I'm going to be looking for more flattering styles though. Especially as I make myself lose some darn weight!

This made me happy :).

I wish I'd taken a picture with the other dress on, although it wasn't very flattering for my figure (it was still pretty). I didn't care much for this dress, and with my height, I've quickly learned these dresses are not for me. I look like a marshmallow. Hahaa.

My next appointment is on Friday at the Wedding Bell on 6th in Tacoma. I'm very very excited! Next I'll be making lists for chairs and tables, flowers, and preparing the guest list and music. I can't wait to marry my man!