Dance Party, Sunshine, Happy Babies :: Day 193

Nothing like starting your morning off with a dance party in the front yard! Oh yessss!

And then of course pure happiness as we soak up our last expected clear day, we even got some sunshine!!!

After school, the sun was shining in one little spot in between our yard and our neighbor's. Naturally that means take a picture!!

...and then a few more :).

I've been quite the productive mama since Christmas is around the corner. From preparing Jeremy's care packages and the kids, family, and friend's meaningful, not bountiful, gifts. It's been a pleasure though, I'm finding much more peace and contentment in productivity while waiting out the last few months before Jeremy's leave.

Kate mimicked her brother's hand gesture, and then looked to see if he was smiling too. I adore how much they love one another. Kate is so smart, and takes in everything she can from her brother. Alyx watches over her as any good brother would, it's truly the most incredible brother-sister relationship.

We love and miss you babe! Be expecting some packages soon!!! :)