Christmas Day :: Day 206

After a late night, our morning started off a little rough. Some little girl was not happy to have to wait for presents (or Santa as she calls everything that looks like Christmas). We waited for Alyx to wake up, and then to skype with dad to open their gifts. Kate is so cute when she has a fit though ;).

Alyx's first look when he came down stairs.

They were checking out the loot and waiting patiently..

We were hoping to get skype on my phone since our wireless internet isn't working right now. So we had it going for a quick moment before we decided we'd have to haul everything upstairs to use the computer. Kate grabbed my phone and was asking for daddy again.

All set up for gifts! Each one that Kate opened, she seemed 'surprised' that she was given another to open, and wanted to play with the previous toy each time. So cute!

Kate has learned to furrow her brow, it's the cutest darn thing I've ever seen!!

Once we finished on skype with Jeremy, we came downstairs for breakfast, and to realize there were a few more surprises..

Bear loves his new ball!

Alyx helping Kate with her 4 wheeler, he's so good to her! Then as I made scones to add to some gifts in the morning, Kate wanted the beaters. I normally give them to the kids when it's from cookies or something like that, so I had to let her know it wasn't the good kind. 

Dinner at Chris and Janie's...

Presents from Grandma, Uncle, and Aunt.

Alyx got a flannel shirt like dad!!! :)

New shoes that Kate just loves!

Beautiful bracelets from Grandma, from Korea.

Stealing Grandma's marzipan. Delicious though, so I can't really blame her!

Game time! Apples to Apples is a really fun game!

Alyx received a Magic kit and was reading the book to figure it out, when Kate joined him. She was getting tired and silly at this point, then when she got up, she threw her arms up... it was so silly!

Playing with new toys :)

Then Kate decided (on her own) that she was going to walk around giving everyone hugs, starting with mom. Such a sweet girl!

Magic tricks!

We have more family pictures, but the rest are on Chris' camera. Pretty cute though :).

Merry Christmas baby! All things considered, we had a great time! We love and miss you more with each passing day. We're less than a month and a half from leave. I'm so anxious and happy at the thought! I can't wait to see your handsome, shaved face again!!! Muah!