Bubbles :: Day 200

Alyx reached the highest point of the behavioral color chart at school today, which lead to bubbles that he generously gave his baby sister. Shortly after we got home from school, she wanted 'bubble.' 

She knew how to dip the wand alright, but she violently shook it around in hopes of bubbles.

I would hold her hand and show her how to blow on the wand. I didn't successfully get any bubbles, but mostly because she wanted to do it herself. We did manage a few and she definitely started getting the hang of it :).

We had a really great, semi-productive day. No complaints over here! Keeping my babes as close as I can to keep our spirits warm through the rest of the month and the new year. I love these two to pieces!

We got to skype with Jeremy again today. I've been so thankful to have the chance to see his face again. He shaved! Yay! And lookin' good too!! We're a mere 49 days until he lands at Sea-Tac and I am bursting with excitement! Not only did he book our fishing trip and cabin, but our engagement pictures are happening and my business party! I'm so happy to have plans that involve him!