Breaking the Cabin Fever :: Day 210

From Alyx being off school, we've been home a little more than usual. Plus, we haven't been on any adventures in awhile since my car needs an oil change and brakes (scheduled for next week) before we can make anymore trips. So the next best thing was to visit a local trail and stretch our legs a bit. It rained all day and was mighty cold, but that didn't stop us at all. We headed to Farrell's Marsh and walked to the lake and back before Kate's lack of a nap caught up with her, and I had to carry her all the way back, which is usually how it goes. We had fun though :).

Bear does great off leash and is so happy to be adventuring with us! We came across a pair of bicyclers only once and he kept close. I did put the leash on him then, in case they said anything about not having it, but they didn't.

Our only attempt at a group photo. Hahaa, didn't work out well.

Kate was throwing a bit of a fit here. I've taken to letting her ride it out since she's pretty stubborn about it (as much as reasonably possible anyway). We walked away from her before we realized she came to the puddle crossing the path. Alyx ran back and carried her over it, I couldn't help but laugh!

Even though Kate was tired and the reason we headed back when we did, she was all over the place avoiding the car. Silly girl!

On the way back, I stopped at the store real quick when Chris text me asking if we wanted to have dinner with him. So we went for soup, only to find it was closed, so we stopped at the metro for their fresh soup and came home to eat. I put the kids to bed shortly after, and then started baking some bread.

I've enjoyed making my own bread lately. So much that I pretty much quit buying it. It's all pretty easy and inexpensive considering, and it really only takes patience when you make the good stuff, letting it rise and all. This is an Italian loaf (Chris said it wasn't like real Italian bread, but was better than white bread. He's all snotty from NY about authentic foods like that). It was my first bread that was light and fluffy and not the usual denseness you get. I suppose that's what three hours of rising and proofing does. I was pleased!

Then Chris had the bright idea that while I had to let the bread sit for three hours, make another one in the mean time. It was already going to be finishing late, and adding another one only made it later, I saved little to no time. It was 1:30 before I finished it all and finally got to bed. Anyway, I found this recipe for english muffins and got pretty cranky as I went because I was getting so tired, I wasn't reading things right. Once I finally finished with the proofing of this dough, cooking it was pretty simple, and kind of fun. I tried both breads right away, and they were (to my surprise) really delicious! I'm excited to learn more, and I'm even more excited to cook for Jeremy with my new styles of healthier, fresher foods, and the variety I create that I never really did before. 

Slightly over one month (5 weeks). We can do this!