Almost Two :: Day 203

Christmas break is finally upon us! For once during an extended break from school and work, I have nothing planned. No adventures or anything. However, I did host a little get together with my bridesmaids, and we have Chris' birthday dinner tomorrow, all followed by Christmas. After that... well, I have no idea. I'm already enjoying the break and the kids are probably going to be stir crazy soon enough, but hopefully Santa's drop off will help with that. I'm excited for the kids to get their gifts, as I was very deliberate without being excessive on the things I picked out for them. The joys of being a mom :).

The first full day off, Saturday, we got ready for the get-together at our house tonight. Once that prepped, we relaxed together. We read books and watched movies. I always feel like I should be doing something, so I wonder off from time to time, but for the most part, it was nice to not have to be anywhere.

Kate is growing up so quickly. She's being a big girl and loves to drink out of regular cups!

What every mom does when their almost two year old is throwing a fit, I'm sure.... but it really is just so cute, I can't help myself!