A Lazy Sunday :: Day 183

We haven't had a day completely off from everything - like we did today - in a very long time! It's been a great pleasure to relax with my kiddos, get into the Christmas spirit with holiday flicks, hot cocoa, and warm blankets! We even treated to pizza for dinner! What a joy! Tomorrow will be another story with my next step into wedding planning - trying on dresses!

While I prepared cocoa, Alyx took to picking out the pizza, then baths, and finishing up our last flick for the night. 

I had completely forgot about the advent calendars, until Alyx quickly mentioned them - and we were off to fetch each one to unwrap today's treat!

I prep Kate's little square so she can pull it open, while Alyx tears for his to see the days shape :).

This is my first year with an advent calendar, and I'm thinking that next year might be a bit more creative with the countdown to Christmas!

66 days until leave! So close I can almost feel it! Yay!!