A Christmas Party :: Day 189

We're off to our first and only Christmas party of the season! It was a last minute decision to go, and I'm glad we did. It was fun to dress the kids up and get out and socialize with friends. Of course, everything is better with Jeremy, so I'm already looking forward to next year's festivities :).

After getting Alyx a fresh haircut, we tried to visit Santa, but there was a line backing up to the front door of the mall. No thank you. So after picking up our white elephant Christmas gift for the exchange, and a food item to bring along, we stopped at home for a few minutes until we had to go. Of course, I couldn't help but to take a few cute pictures of them!

I picked up this dress for Kate at Baby's 'R Us over the summer, as it was on sale for $13. I grabbed some tights on the way, and found super cute shoes just her size at a thrift store! She has two more dresses from Mama Koch to wear still too! :)

Our 2012 family ornament from the Victorian Country Christmas. I got to pick this one, I love it!!

One day closer and nearing the two month mark until you're home! I love and miss you so much! Muah!