A Beautiful Day :: Day 182

It's the first of December, and for some reason, it's a huge deal to people on Facebook... a time to celebrate, a time to wish for snow, a time to decorate. Maybe I'm more excited (from previous years), but my only excitement lies in the fact that I'm one month closer to my love being home. My whole love and obsession with the colder weather has been solely for this purpose. I also want to ski again, but not as much as I put thought into Jeremy coming home.

We "winterized" the backyard today. I even raked up the leaves in the front yard today. Believe me, that was a lot more work than just raking, they were wet, in the road and in puddles of water, stopping the drain hole in the drift boat, and branches that Chris cut and left in the front yard. It was messy and took quite some time. It's like I'm a real homeowner :).

Kate is a good watcher of us working :). Don't you just love that face?!

Alyx - after doing his part. Finding old toys are the best for this kid!

Then Kate wants to participate in the fun too! She fell with the scooter the first time, so I helped her and she stood with it while trying to figure it out, she never really did though.

After Bear knocked her over coming inside, to move from backyard work to front yard work, she was really unhappy until mommy got to her.

After a few hours of yard work in the beautiful December weather, I finished up the raking, then we settled down into some Christmas spirit.

He's always greeting me :).

The kids absolutely loved decorating the tree! I'm so excited for next year :).

One of my favorites, from our first Christmas in 2009. It certainly needs to be updated though!

I let Alyx decorate most all of the tree (with my touch here and there), Kate got in some decorating too! She really loved it, until you took an ornament from her you were afraid would break.

After the tree decorating, I made lunch and hot cocoa while Alyx settled into a Christmas movie.

I topped the cocoa with whipped cream and cinnamon, Kate helped herself to the whipped cream, while Alyx followed suit. I don't think she actually drank any. 

We're having somewhat of a good time, but we're missing Jeremy more than anything! It isn't the same, but we're getting by. At this point, that's all we can do. 67 days sounds so amazing!! Muah!