Thanksgiving Break :: Day 176

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love my kids. Seriously. They drive me crazy at times, but I love them, so very much. Thanksgiving break was AMAZING! I discovered last week that Alyx would have 4 days off from school, and all I could think was, 'Where should we go?!' ...and go we did! We left on THE black Friday and headed for the mountains! I initially thought of the coast (I've been dying to go to Cannon Beach), but someone gave me the idea of Leavenworth instead, and it was incredible! So worth it! I've only been once before, last summer with my husband before he left for Iraq. We rented the most amazing cabin, toured the town, ate authentic German food, and explored some of the surroundings. This time, I wanted to do more exploring, so we did a little hiking and stayed farther out of town. I was a little perturbed that the cabin we stayed at before didn't email me back (as if one day notice ON Thanksgiving was enough notice), so I waited until I got there to figure out the lodging issue. Hotels were kind of pricey, and after the cabin experience we had, I just couldn't bring myself to stay anywhere else. So I found this cozy little place 15 miles outside of town that took us further up toward the mountains and directly into snow! I couldn't have been happier!

I barely know where to begin... we were there for three days, two nights... I could've stayed forever! We explored Wenatchee state park, hiked around Icicle River, and spent little time in town. 

Nothing says a hike around the lake like some playtime at the snowed over playground :). Just for the record, my kids and I - this is our favorite thing to do. Hands down. Just ask them!

My pup had a really great time too! He conquered some fears of water and rolled around in dead fish smells and a dead frog. Just.gross.

My heart beats a little harder for these two. Just seeing their faces make me want to strive more and more every day to be a better parent to them. I'm so thankful that they can go with me anywhere and they enjoy all the adventures that I do! Seriously, I do everything with them!! 

I learned a few lessons on this trip. 1) It pays off to dress appropriately for cold weather, you can actually enjoy it that way. Who knew?! Thanks babe :). 2) Kids need snowsuits asap!

Alyx tried helping her up the snow and ice covered stair steps to play with her. So sweet.

This was back at the cabin property. I love how Alyx takes time to teach his little sister, show her things, and play with her. He's amazing.

We found ducks and one rooster on the property. There was supposed to be a ram somewhere (never found him) and chickens (never found those either), but we did find a volleyball net and toys! Score!

Lake Wenatchee

Kate and I most of the trip while watching bubba running off somewhere :).

72 days until leave! Ooooooh I am so excited! I cannot wait! I love you forever babe. I can't wait to go on these adventures with you! Muah!