Happy Babies :: Day 156

The kiddos are doing so great these days! Alyx is excelling so well in school, I couldn't ask for better - seriously. Kate is growing and learning so much (mostly from her brother). I'm thankful, I am so very thankful for these kids of mine... ours. 

As I said, Alyx has been excelling at school. Good behavior is rewarded with a color chart. When you reach the highest color (purple) you get to go to the "treasure box" and pick your goodies; whether it be holiday pencils, candy, or tattoos. Obviously tattoos was the choice this time, and we stuck them on tonight! He loves them :). I remember being that little kid, loving the stickers and tattoos from the quarter machines. Oooooh the days :).

Our baby girl, oh how I love her so. She is my mini. So much so in fact. I love her (them both) more and more every day! For having to go at parenting alone for the past year and what will be just over two overall, I'm blessed with the two we have, because they certainly make it worth it when it counts.

We're at 93 days babe. 93 days!!!!! Aaaaah, I am so excited!! My three friends who were waiting with me have all welcomed their husbands home at this point, so daydreaming about our own homecoming is a regular thing these days. I can't wait. Oh God, I cannot wait! Muah! I love you!