Forks, Wa :: Day 147

We wanted to get away for the weekend, and planned on heading down 101 and see where we'd end up. Jeremy said to stop in at his fishing guide's cabin and see about staying there. That didn't work out, but we stayed in town there anyway. We found a great Inn in Forks and hung around town for the evening before we headed out for a full day of adventure! 

Since it's been getting dark earlier, we decided to not venture out farther than town for the rest of the day. So we loaded up on goodies and headed back to the Inn for the night. We played ball in the back area and tired the kiddos out before heading off to bed.

It took a little while to get the kiddos to rest after the excitement of driving.

I have a bunch of great photos from our weekend, that I'll put on facebook when I get a chance. We drove all the way through the Hoh rainforest, just to have to turn around because they didn't allow dogs on the hiking trails (we brought Bear along), so we played along the riverside before finding our way to Third Beach in La Push. We intended on stopping at all the beaches we could fit in, but there was a 1.4 mile hike to Third Beach, and then back, so we finished the trail just as it got dark out. We headed to Port Angeles for dinner and then back to Tacoma.

It was a really great adventure, it was really great to get out of town for a little bit. Of course with me though, I was just getting started, and was already wanting more. The stay this time was so nice, I really didn't want to leave so soon! I'm excited to explore more of the Olympic Peninsula and coastal area from here to Oregon and California!

I can't wait until you're here to do this with me babe. I love you!