Metro Market Shopping :: Day 140

Since Chris has been in town, he's been at our house keeping me company, and helping out with the kids a little. I won't complain, I'll take what I can get. It's a rarity (but very nice) to have a friend who doesn't have kids (like most of ours don't), yet still hangs out with out expectation of going out to do something that people our age with out kids want to do. That's certainly not my reality, so I don't really mind staying home regularly with my little monsters. They give me meaning, simple as that. I'd trade any drunken night of stupidity and single loneliness, for the life I have with Alyx and Kate. Jeremy too when he's here :).

Chris has a great taste in food, so we've been frequenting the Metro on 6th Ave! They have the best selection of everything - of course that comes with a price, but it is oh so worth it! From fancy cheeses to delicious deli bread and meat, fresh ripe fruit, it's wonderful! We've had quite a few wine and cheese nights. Sooo good! Anyway, Kate helped herself to Chris walnuts he left on the counter. She would try to eat one, but it didn't last long. She liked carrying them around though. Silly girl.

Almost to the end of another month, and the beginning of yet another. Thank you time, for being a little bit on our side.