Last Game :: Day 126

After having a late night yesterday of shooting with Chris, I managed a few hours of sleep before we headed off to Alyx's last game of the season! They played against the Tornados and lost 7-12, but they played their hearts out! We're definitely looking forward to next season, but with dad here!

Heading down to the game!!

It's go time! I'm so excited for my little boy!!

After I completely failed to bring Kate's snacks along, she was a little bit bored while I took photos now and then. I felt so bad as she watched the little girls next to her with all their goodies :(. She was such a good girl though, and she kept clapping for both teams when she heard the excitement around her.

Alyx gets 'em down!!

Love. Love. Love.

We got a phone call from daddy!!! We talked to him through the end of the game and completely made our day. He's the best ever!!

That's a wrap!

Our football player! What an amazing kid he is.

...and our darling Kate.

Now we're off to a celebratory lunch before heading to Nana's for the rest of the weekend, while I catch up on rest and work.

As we were leaving the game, I saw these two guys just hanging out, and I thought it was so funny how they were tailgating, not only by themselves, but in the trunk of a car no less with A&W rootbeer :). I'm pretty sure the guy on the left is looking right at me! Hehee.

I love and miss you baby! I can't wait for you to be here for the games. Muah!