Getting Cold :: Day 124

I couldn't be more excited to have to wear layers of clothing to keep out the cold, but I am!!! We're one step closer to the holidays, snow, the new year, and February! 

Kate has graduated from eating dry cereal by hand to eating cereal in a small bowl with a little milk and spoon! She eats the whole thing, with little mess! I wish she would stop.

This is how their pictures together turn out these days. Hahaa. She's all for posing for me at times, but when she doesn't, there's no bribing her. She'll catch on soon enough :).

Ready to go!!

It's been cold and windy, but sunny and blue skies! It's so wonderful, but my gardens are ready for the rain :).

She's saying, "cheese!" She shut herself out, but she was so cute! Kate was being so good for me  while I had to catch up on photos for work today. Of course we took frequent breaks, crawled around, and got tickled by the tickle monster with crazy kisses!! I can't express how thankful I am to have the opportunity to be home with her and work mostly from home. On top of that, business is growing - slow and steady - and I pray in due time I'll be able to have enough to show a true success so Jeremy won't have to leave anymore. This deployment is by far the hardest I've been through yet, and I pray it's the last. I had no idea it was possible to love and miss someone as much as I do. Truly. 

Muah! Another day closer.