Dear February, please hurry up! :: Day 125

We're getting closer and closer to February, and for that I am so so so very thankful! However, I'm ready right now! I've been nonstop dreaming about picking Jeremy up at the airport, and well, I'm just ready for it to be our turn. I can't complain though, my days are busier than ever, and while I'm pretty exhausted most of the time, time is far from being slow. Hopefully I can get everything out of the way and just done by the time Jeremy comes home so time can slow back down and we can enjoy life together again.

So I know this is kind of random, but this is a cactus plant that Jeremy and Alyx picked out for me probably over a year ago now. Well, it's growing strong and tall and the other day, I noticed these little hairs sticking out of it. They're pink in color and soft. Hehee. Just thought that was interesting :).

Enjoying the warmth of being indoors and playing with my baby girl while working from home. I really love the time I get with her and Alyx, and knowing that I don't have to work all day away from them, deploy, or anything else like that is very comforting- especially because that is apart of our lives. I'm thankful we don't both have to sacrifice our time as parents.

From the random bucket of plastic toys Grandma Koch gave Kate the other day, we found this tiny little hammer! It's the cutest thing, and when Kate found it, she walked around 'hammering' on things. It was so cute, and I know her daddy would've been proud! She is such a perfect mix of us! 

Always and forever. xoxo