Costumes :: Day 131

Having a cold is really a bummer when you're alone with two babies. The good part of it is that it's my current favorite season, and we're enjoying turning the heater on, drinking hot cocoa, and visiting the pumpkin patch :). Since I'm not feeling all too well, we skipped football practice, decided not to participate in wrestling (because it goes until 8pm, which is too late for us right now), and since I'm "no fun" when I'm sick, I had to amp up my cool points for the evening. What does that mean?! Mom gets to bust out the camera! Hehee. So the little ones put on their Halloween costumes and we played in the yard while bribing Kate with granola bars. 

While we were taking pictures, a very nice older man came up to the fence with this most gorgeous array of flowers!! Really?! Come on, how incredible are these?! I am the luckiest girl EVER! On top of that, it means it's a new month and we're another month down, or one-third of the way there, AND we're half way to leave! Yesssssssss!

Dear God, I love this man!!