A Little Better :: Day 129

After a rough couple of days, turns out getting my refrigerator fixed after 5 days with out it, was what I needed to make me feel better. Hahaa. It was feeling like things were consistently going wrong for me, and I've been so exhausted that everything piling up was like a semi-truck running me over, backing up, and doing it again and again. I really hope things continue to stay just the way they are, at least for a little while, so I can catch up to it all. Of course, it's times like these that having Jeremy come through the door after work and announce that he's home, then wrap his arms around me, kiss my cheek, and tell me how much he missed me, would be the instant cure all. The cure all that I can't have even a little bit of. I've been consistently angry at seeing couples together because I want that so badly. And not with just anyone, him. The one person that is thousands of miles away and is four months from leave. I have to say that I'm very excited that we're down to only four months and I am so anxious for this time to go by! So anxious, in fact, that I've been struggling to fall asleep, because my mind won't rest from thinking about Jeremy, and when I do, I'm dreaming about him each night. This afternoon I fell asleep off and on and dreamed of him even then, and it was so real, I remember the feeling of him! That was wonderful! I hope he continues to visit me there!

So after the Samsung technician left today, we were able to actually cook something! So we had tostadas - quick, easy, yet delicious! Yum!

Kate a great time! Hehee, she soon figured it out to pick it up!

I've been trying to take Alyx to get his haircut, but something has come up every evening! Hopefully tomorrow!!

While I finished taking the last picture of Alyx, Kate started saying, "Cheese!" She likes to tuck her arms in, mostly when she cuddles and before bed. So cute!

Eh, pardon the dirty water, I know I know, I need to clean it! Alyx seemingly loves his fish, Peanut. He's such a sweetie most times, and has been doing great in school. He's been helpful for me too, and that's the biggest blessing these days! 

We love and miss you babe. We're getting closer and closer! I'm so excited to make that drive to the airport - I can't stop imagining it!! Muah!