Preserving Memories :: Day 96

Hearing your voice makes me feel like I'm alive again, even if for a moment, almost as if you're here. My friends boyfriends and husbands are coming home next month, and while I am so incredibly happy for them, I'm also envious. I want those feelings. I want you home. I want to know the time is so near my heart leaps in my chest at the thought. Well, my heart already leaps every time I imagine driving to pick you up, every time I imagine preparing everything for your homecoming, every time I imagine seeing you at the airport for that first moment - that millisecond that 3 years ago, reconfirmed my love for you after not seeing you for over a year, and that moment that I get to feel your arms wrapped around me and know undoubtedly that you're home. We still have some time to go, but right now, I'm just waiting until mid-tour leave - every moment with you counts.

Getting ready for school..

I love Alyx's sleepy look and bed head. Sometimes he gets out the door before I'm able to fix it. He's happy, that's all that matters :).

Fifth day of second grade.

The deer I told you that was on the side of the road and so close to my car. That's my rear view mirror on the left.

Sewing Alyx's birthday gift. The leather belt for my sewing machine hasn't arrived yet (I need to call them), so I have to do it by hand for now. I don't mind though, I actually enjoy it.

First she wanted her sweater on, then she grabbed the blanket and kept rolling back and forth saying, 'nigh nigh' (night night). She has quite the personality!!

Talking to her daddy in Afghanistan... Then playing on the playground waiting for bubba to get out of school!

She really loves the slide! When she loses her step every now and again, she falls first to her left knee, I didn't realize until we got over to the play area that she was bleeding a little. Tough girl didn't even make a fuss!

Static hair from the slide :).

She stops to smell the flowers with me. I just love her! And when she picks a flower, she'll put it up to my nose and say, 'mell it' (smell it).

Alyx coming out of school!

Another great day for my kiddo! 

As I was driving home this afternoon, I noticed the wooden block letters in their rear window.

The last apple on our tree. I picked it and preserved it.

Assisting me with the apple picking.

Helping me with the plums we had in the fridge. He did a great job!

Apples were a first for me today, but I wanted to keep them for you since you haven't been home to see them or taste. I didn't exactly follow the directions, but I think it's better :). I can't wait to sit together and enjoy our apples from our trees that we picked out and planted nearly two years ago in our front yard. Now that's the taste of home. Hehee. I love you.