Nice Sunday

It was a nice, relaxing day with yard work, some house work, hanging with the kiddos, and putting up some new pictures. Not much really, but that was kind of what made the day so good. At one point today, it was quite with Kate sleeping and Alyx watching a movie and I was standing and had a sudden flash back of you with your arms around me. I did everything I could to make the moment feel as real as I could. What I wouldn't give right now.

Anyway, I put up a few new pictures on the dvd cabinet today, and I went through some good oldies and reminisced in the best kind of ways. To look through those photos and see where we've come from and then to set them down, look around, and see where we are is so incredible to me. Even as I'm thinking about them now, and then I look down at Kate with Alyx sitting on a couch I picked out in what was yours, now our house, and I'm thoroughly amazed. It's crazy, but I love it! Our life, us, and our wedding coming up! Yay!

This was right after her afternoon nap and she was so cranky! This was a quick moment where the movie had her attention, but she went right back to fussing a moment later. Hehee, bring on the two's!

So a few weeks ago I was pulling off some dead leaves of the clematis that is next to our arbor and since it wasn't doing so well already, the whole thing pulled out! I was super sad. Jeremy and I bought it together at H&L a few months ago when we were looking for something to climb the arbor, and came across this one. Anyway, after all that time, only today did I notice this beautiful green sprout. I couldn't be more excited and I hope this one does good!

I got Kate these cute new pj's from costco yesterday. The kids have grown so much and are needing new winter clothes. These were a good deal and so cute, I couldn't pass them up, so I grabbed them in a 2T. She fits 12-24 months right now, so I figured she'd have room to grow. I had no idea exactly how much! She's still so cute :).

 ...and that's a wrap! Another day down, another day closer. I love you babe!