Mama's Little Helpers :: Day 120

Almost time to get back to the weekly grind. Thankfully, weeks have been going by pretty quick for us, and September went by fast too. I hope October is just as fast! My work seems to be picking up and paying off! I'm happy for that, I hope next year is even better for me! So anyway, today was our first skype date in quite awhile, it felt so so so very good to see Jeremy's face again! I miss him so much! 

Alyx is doing great in school, he's gotten 100% on every spelling test so far this year. He's had one hiccup day, but I can't even complain about that, sometimes boys will be boys. Kate has started saying sentences lately. She's getting pretty set in her ways and quite the amazing little girl! They're both super great helpers with everything, and they're so good for me. Both of them independent and can entertain themselves when necessary, and that is a serious blessing at times! 

This morning, they were helping momma look for spices to make homemade hot cocoa and some other fall/winter favorites soon :). Looking forward to October to be here in a few hours! Yeaaaah! Once we're through that, there's no way time won't go by fast because the countdown for Jeremy's leave will be on the decline part of the countdown! I'm so excited for that!

I love you always babe. Muah!