Making Jam + Dancing :: Day 90

I spent the better part of the afternoon making yellow plum jam and a few jars of blueberry jam (blueberries that your mom picked and gave me). I've made 22 jars so far! Most of what I've made and tried is pretty delicious! I actually enjoy the process of cooking it, it's a step by step and definitely takes some time, but I get lost in my own time and I like seeing the results come with each step. I recently saved some of the seeds from the plums, and I'm hoping to replant them so I have an abundance of seeds/trees to take with us as we move and grow in our lives. I hope to always have delicious fruit trees!

As I was getting started, Miss Kate was hanging around the kitchen with me. Such a doll!

Kate's first bite of of the yellow plum jam. She doesn't know what to think about it at first, but she liked it and kept coming back for more! Score for mom!

So now that I have knowledge of the canning preserves world, there is all kinds of equipment you can purchase to help the process along, and while I don't have any of that, I've figured out how to make it work!

Then as I finished cooking and the jars of fruit were cooling, Kate, mom, and I went into the living room for a dance off to one of our favorite songs!

The jars are sealing beautifully! After checking on the jam, I brought laundry out to fold and found Alyx and Kate watching movies like this :).

I love these rugrats! One day closer...