Just A Moment :: Day 95

Between my boy going to school 30 minutes away (one way) and playing football there, I'm at a loss for time these days. I feel funny even saying that considering all I could hope for these days is for time to fly by until Jeremy gets home, but I'm having a bit of hard time balancing my daily to-do's. Between my growing business, household duties, motherly duties, things for Jeremy, and what I do for myself.. I'm having to prioritize each one on a day to day basis and really go with the flow of what ends up working out that day. In the end, all I do is think about Jeremy and how amazing it will be to have him here to help me, be with me, be my rock and keep me grounded and sane. In all fairness, I feel like I'm not doing too bad.

Alyx's birthday is in 6 days, which means his birthday adventure is in two days and I haven't even started on his car book holder. I bought the fabric weeks ago, and since my Singer Sewing Machine leather belt hasn't arrived yet (calling them is on my to-do list), I'm stuck still doing it by hand. YIKES!

Eh, wicked glare from the sun reflecting off the car. Anyway, Alyx is doing so great in school! I'm so excited to see how this year is going to be for him. I love him so much, and am constantly amazed at how much he continues to grow! STOP IT!

I've REALLY been wanting to work out these days. I'm out of shape and I miss running and feeling good about myself. Sadly, I can't make time, that's not even an excuse!!!!

Kate and I took a quick stroll around Wahop lake this morning before we headed home for lunch, a nap for her, and my futile attempt to catch up on work. She's walking and running everywhere while building her leg strength, she even conquers little inclines and declines on her own!

When she sees me put the camera up, she usually looks away with a look of attitude as if saying, 'mom if you don't get that thing out of my face.' tehehee. She smiles about half the time for my camera, but as her beautiful two's are approaching, she's temperamental when she doesn't get her way and classic fit-throwing is among us!

We stopped to see all the ducks sun bathing while the morning was still cool. Kate wasn't sure what to think of them, especially as the two below headed straight for us!

Thank you for everything babe. For cheering me up when I need it, for being there for me even though you're across the world, and loving me endlessly and shamelessly through my good days and bad. I will love you till the end of time, and then some more.


Here are some of the pictures from Alyx's practice last night.
Your mom's new siding on her house. Looks a lot different. The changes make me a little sad though.

 She gets a little goofy at practice when she's tired.
This is usually how she looks these days :)

He's doing great and learning so much! I can't wait until you're here to be apart of this.