It's FALL!!! :: Day 117

It's amazing how how work can be a full time job in itself. From taking Alyx to school, coming home and spending all that time either cleaning, working on photos, or errands, it's time to pick him up from school, come home, take care of his school stuff, make dinner, and get them ready for bed. Thank God I don't make a routine out of that business, I'd go crazy! Heheee. Ready for some adventures with my babe!!

My beautiful September flowers/plant!! I've had them a few days now, but it is the most incredible arrangement I've ever received. I'm so excited to plant it! Have I mentioned what a lucky girl I am? I love that (even though it might take a reminder here and there) he remembers how much I love the little things; from letters to random freebies he finds online, and flowers almost every month, my worst days turn into the best just knowing that he is thinking about me :).

Our crazy lil' girl is quite the character already! 18 months old and she dances, talks, runs, and plays with the best of them. I just love her. And watching her and Alyx together is the cutest thing EVER!

Kate "reading" Alyx's school project he brought home.

The dreaded folding laundry day! Kate had a blast!

She leans her head back usually when she holds her hands onto something (a fence, the backer's rack when she's waiting on food in the microwave). Sooo funny!

After leaving the empty laundry basket, she went to the full one and tried putting socks on.

Can we just freeze her in time so she'll stop growing while her daddy is away?!

The pink febreeze bottle is her favorite thing to grab from under the kitchen sink. I had a paper towel out, and she got to cleaning!

Then of course, wiping her mouth off.

Then 'spraying' the coffee table and wiping it with the towel again :).

Kate and I have a lot of fun during the day when we're home. We run errands together, clean the house together, cook meals, and even dance and sing.

While the coffee table was moved to vacuum, she took advantage of by bringing her goldfish crackers and dancing in the open space. Music was playing on the tv and she took the initiative all on her own. She loves to dance all over the place actually, normally when she's eating though, she's usually happiest then. Just like her daddy. Her and Alyx dancing together is the funniest/cutest/most adorable thing ever! 

We love and miss you baby! Almost October! Muah!