Flowers + Gifts :: Day 102

As I ran this morning, all I could think about was how much I wanted to sit down and write Jeremy a letter. I've focused more on sending thoughtful themed packages that I haven't taken the time to write him more than the small notes included in the packages and a post card. I know, shame on me, right? I guess I felt like he wouldn't really read them anymore because of how different things are and how busy he always is. Even if that is the case, I still want to write. And I will.

I almost always park my car at the Silver Cloud on Ruston Way so I don't have to cross the street to begin my run. This sailboat is usually out here every morning and was anchored right in front of me today. Then when we got home today, Kate was such a happy camper and so cute, I couldn't help but take some pictures of her! She's getting so big!

Complete with fruit snack in hand :).

When we walked up to the door, we were happily and pleasantly surprised by gifts from daddy! So as we walked by the computer and Kate saw his picture, we stopped to give him some love and kisses!

Kate trying to give kisses.

The most beautiful plant arrangement ever! Complete with six plants that I can plant and keep! Yay!

She received the cutest ballerina teddy bear, and she loves it! On the left, she was saying 'tuuuute' (cute), and then gave her new baby kisses.

Bear was curious about the new toy, so he came up sniffing it. Kate pulled away and said, 'mine. mine'

Thank you babe, you're so thoughtful, we really appreciate everything you do! Alyx loved his annoying monster toy also! We love you!